A Citizens' Assembly

A representative democracy is a fundamental part of Canadian society, yet Canada's current electoral system means the majority of voters cast their ballot for a candidate who does not get elected.

Canadians across party lines are concerned with the health of Canada's democracy. Now more than ever, we need members of parliament from all political parties to come together and work towards a more fair, more equitable, and more democratic electoral system in Canada.  

We are in a climate crisis, an affordability crisis, a toxic substance crisis, we need parliament to be reflective of the views of Canadians and is representative of the diversity of Canadian population. 

This is why we need electoral reform.

To get there, we need a non-partisan, independent, and reflective Citizens' Assembly working together to build consensus towards the path forward. We know there are many examples of Citizens' Assemblies being used successfully both here at home and abroad, it is time for the Canadian Government to do the same.

If you agree it is time for all Members of Parliament to come together on this crucial issue and you support Lisa Marie Barron's motion (read the full text here) add your name below!

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